Dealing with Paranormal 

​There is a type of body injury, where you get stabbed again and again but there’s no sign of blood. 

There is immense pain, but no wound to be seen. It feels like someone has put knife deep inside your chest, but still you don’t shout. Only tears are to be seen, but they also run out soon. You can’t tell it to anyone either, because people won’t believe. 

Yes that’s paranormal. That’s why you have to bear it all by yourself. And the biggest problem is that, you are attracted to that source of pain, kind of hypnotized. Just like a moth is drawn to flame… just to die. 

But, you still try to stop yourself. No one likes to get hurt. You are even able to do that. With full control. You try to keep yourself busy, surrounded by people, so that you don’t think of it. You are almost successful in keeping yourself away from the flame. But then, that paranormal thing uses it’s biggest weapon. 

It smiles… yes that’s the weapon it uses. The moment it smiles you are again hypnotized. You are again helpless. You again forget yourself, you again get attracted towards it, towards the flame, just to get burnt. 

You again try to run from it, but then,  you fall all over again,because that love is paranormal. 


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