Money can buy a Happiness??….. Asking or Answering??

Have u ever heard of this …money can buy a happiness.. or u could say that can money  buy a happiness with a question mark ??

There are most and most people arguing about this shit topic which is what i think is unreasonable to question on it..

Here i m to quote a better answer or i wud say a better full stop to think about..!!

The most simpler of the the simplest thing to say about this is that.. if money cannot buy happiness then why the hell is everyone chasing  to earn more and more money . Will that more and more money give u a bunch of sadness ..then also a question to urself–Why r u chasing for any one of u wud ever like to earn sadness….      Obviously not buddy !!

The one and the only one point that lies here is that .. everyone is just running to have more and more money  just to buy a lot of happines..   Because here the very expensive or u can say very very expensive -clothes , eatables  , gadgets, cars , etc. ,etc. nd etc. gives a happiness to everyone not any sadness…otherwise why wud he be having it .. almost u wud better agree to wat i said….   because buddy u wud like that –

Its better to cry in a Lambhorgini than to smile poor

May be yeah ..think it for a while that money cannot buy happiness .. then who has the guts to keep smiling without his clothes even .. yeah money cud buy clothes as well

You must be thinking that these are the basic needs to live and be happy ..but look at it those basic needs too need money….isn’t it ?

coz yeah without those most basic needs u will not be even able to be  pronounced a guy in today scenerio…...nd ofcourse they need money….

At today.. all the rush which is happening  is just for money ..everyone just need to earn money…some for survival ,some for happines but listen to it .. no one for sadness..

So what u think nd wat u contradict is wat u sud just say and understand is that yeah ofcourse Money is the only thing that can give a happiness against everything that can oppose it….

There is one more exception against of wat i quoted above is that wat shit the people say that Money cannot buy Love …dont u think its the silliest fact u wud have ever heard… a simple answer for this shit from me my dears–

Money is the only medium  that cud buy anything and love is not anyone of that thing that cud be sold..

U simply wud have understood wat i said if u have tried to try n understand

So overall wat is it is either correct the notion or here i m to give the argument on it.

There is lot more to say bout it …………………

So ill be back later with a new view which u cud just try to think….



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