​Is only India going Cashless, not the Villages? 

The Union governments mission to make a Cashless India has started to show it’s effects. Indians are now going cashless. 

But here I’m not talking about the unreal Indians, but about the real Indians, that is, the villagers . The true Cash-Less villagers have now started to go Cashless. Seeing them go Cashless is like seeing an 8000 years old cycle turning. 

There was a time when our societies in Mesopotamia and Indus Valley used to be Cashless. Things were good then ,but only till the time that coins came into existence.

The patriotic Indian villagers have now begun to bring and follow that old tradition back but with a modern twist . They have begun to go Cashless but not by following Internet banking but by beginning to use Barter System again . Yes, they have. A huge majority of villagers have gone Cashless; and instead of using cash to buy things, they have started using food grains as an alternative for cash and the other Cashless methods.

According to them, it’s a safer and a more convenient method than your Internet banking systems. All they have to do, is give the shopkeepers 1 kg rice and buy things worth Rs. 15. There are other alternatives of rice as well, you can use Aata, Daal, Beans, etc. as a safe alternative for online payment. 

A more modern outlook of Barter is also seen. When the electricity goes out, the villagers with inverters, are allowing poor shopkeepers to charge their  mobile at their home and in exchange they buy things for free from their shop. There are many other modern and safe alternative also getting developed. 

I don’t know who’s fault it is. Either the government is unable to explain villagers the true meaning of Cashless or the villagers don’t want to understand it.

 Or is it that the villagers  don’t like standing in bank lines maybe because 50% Indians don’t have a bank account.

 Or  is that the government is in too haste to convert their AIM of demonetization – from making India corruption free to make India cash free. 

Whatever it is, but village people are going cashless in a wrong way. The government’s intentions are good but their  perception about true India is incorrect. They still are unprepared like they were in case of demonetization. 

Before running towards Cashless they should have first assured that every eligible Indian has a bank account and above all, the basic necessity of the Internet Banking, that is, the Internet, is available at a good speed, to all and everywhere. 

If all these things will not be assured, and only the urban population would be taken into consideration, then the government instead of pushing India forward, will throw it back to the 8000 years old age. The government should soon contravene and work with a Financial plan instead of a political one. 

(Note – use of Barter System is not a fictional thing, it has now started to be used in Villages again ) 


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