Don’t worry girls 

The more I go through The Indian Penal Code the more I realize that the female counterparts have been given a good safety by our law.

The recent Criminal Amendment Act, 2013 has added a bunch of safety procedures for women. Section 354 of the IPC is totally dedicated to women. It provides protection against various kinds of offences like :

1. Section 354 talks about punish related to criminal force to outrage women’s modesty.

2. Section 354A deals with punishment related to  sexual harassment.

3. Section 354B talks about offence with an  intent to disrobe women.

4. Section 354C explains and provides punishment for Voyeurism.

5. Section 354D the most talked about section provides punishment for stalking a woman both online and offline.

The list is not over. The Indian Law has a vast diversity of laws related to women and there safety. These laws will only serve there purpose if they are properly implemented and common people are made aware of them. So that before even thinking to do something wrong, they realize the punishment and abstain from it.

Other provisions related to women would be dealt in the upcoming articles. Stay tuned.