Dealing with Paranormal 

​There is a type of body injury, where you get stabbed again and again but there’s no sign of blood. 

There is immense pain, but no wound to be seen. It feels like someone has put knife deep inside your chest, but still you don’t shout. Only tears are to be seen, but they also run out soon. You can’t tell it to anyone either, because people won’t believe. 

Yes that’s paranormal. That’s why you have to bear it all by yourself. And the biggest problem is that, you are attracted to that source of pain, kind of hypnotized. Just like a moth is drawn to flame… just to die. 

But, you still try to stop yourself. No one likes to get hurt. You are even able to do that. With full control. You try to keep yourself busy, surrounded by people, so that you don’t think of it. You are almost successful in keeping yourself away from the flame. But then, that paranormal thing uses it’s biggest weapon. 

It smiles… yes that’s the weapon it uses. The moment it smiles you are again hypnotized. You are again helpless. You again forget yourself, you again get attracted towards it, towards the flame, just to get burnt. 

You again try to run from it, but then,  you fall all over again,because that love is paranormal. 


Is it really love or.. ?

So have you got your true love or are still in the process of search? 

Relationships are in trend these days, it’s hard to find a person who’s single or is happy being one. Not just adults but kids too are following this trend being inspired by their surroundings. So, why is it? Why all the people are getting into relationships? Is it for love? Are they seriously falling in love or are falling out of it? Well by looking at couples nowadays one feels that love is nowhere to be found. They actually try to pretend their togetherness but in real they can’t stand one another.

People these days are just getting into relationships because they are scared, not of anybody but of their own self. They don’t like being alone and that’s when they end up with people who make them feel worse than being just alone. People don’t take pleasure in solitude, which doesn’t mean ending up all by themselves, it only means discovering your own self, your own hidden capabilities. But no we are more concern about others, we focus more on their lifestyles than improving ours.

Getting into relationships is like a competition, it’s like ‘if my friend is with someone why can’t I?’ And that’s when Cupid feels like killing himself because in such a helpless situation he only finds peace in death. With this ‘why can’t I?’ attitude people even get ready to settle with something less than what they actually deserve. Those who once believed in fairytale romance end up with something as temporary as this. And then they break up which is also known as the period of transition or the period of knowing your worth, learning from your past mistakes for a better future. But no. It starts with being alone, by shedding tons of tears, listening to sad songs, trying to commit suicide but people still feel unsatisfied so they do something more dangerous they again get into a relationship with someone. Now that’s brave! And this process goes on.

People are happy by making their lives miserable with such a temporary attachment. Brave are those who are happy and single in this cruel world where people are ready to settle with anyone just to say they’ve something. Brave are those who are aware of the fact that true love is not about having a gf or bf but it’s about being grateful about everything in life. It’s about loving your parents and friend, because no love is greater than theirs. It’s about being with someone who uplifts you, who makes you become a better person and most importantly it’s about YOU

“Settle if you must, but don’t ever compromise with your self-respect.”

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You won’t find it on net.(Read only for motivation or NOT)

Run, Run, Run, Rest and Again Run. You are born to run and succeed, you achiever, you are the man, you have got your destiny and your fate and all your shit in your own hand. You can do it, it’s do or die, so go Run, Run, Run and don’t stop. But wait, before running just stop for moment.

You were reading this for motivation right? You were searching for motivation on the net, right?

You read this, you got motivated right? And you think that motivation would work, right? And change your shitty life? And encourage you to do things you didn’t had courage to do? Sorry, but No, dude, this kind of motivation will never help and if it may, it would just be for a moment.

For that moment you would feel immensely encouraged and motivated. And after that moment ends, you will again, from your dream self become your current shitty self. Yes that’s true, YOU WILL NEVER FIND MOTIVATION ON NET, you will only find motivation within yourself. For that, you will have to talk to yourself. You’ve got to discuss your strength and weaknesses with yourself and work accordingly.

And when you will talk to your self, you will get that inner motivation(that would be a permanent one!) and that motivation would encourage you to START the shit you always wanted to do, and once you START , that START will motivate you for further. And this will go on and on and on.

So, my dear motivation seeker, go START the shit you were waiting for, because now you know that you won’t find it on net and once you START then you’ll have no time to search for your shitty motivation on the net.

YEA, BUT WAIT. Now You think you got motivated from the above shit and will start working. And I told you won’t find motivation on net. Yea that’s true, because the above shit is not motivation, it’s only a way to motivate yourself, so if you really want to start  you have so stop looking for it on net and search within yourself because YOU WON’T FIND IT ON NET!

Shot Me Down: Bang Bang

Heard of this musical song by Mr. Renowned DAVID GUETTA!! 

May be some of u must have heard but do any1 of u’s gone through the words or even tried to smell the words!!                              Anyone? Anyone?Anyone? 

And the anwer is wid me ,i.e.,yeah no one.

  • So here i m guys ,one of your brainfood eater to tell u how different u can think but obviously if u……THINK..

Why David would ask u to shot him down nd with a bang bang..nd ..shot me down.!!

Dont u thnk some baby wud like to hug him instead of shooting him down.

  • Shot me down ,these words becomes notion for one full of depression.

Who starts thinking no hope left in his life thinks to

shot him down .  He only thinks of shit shit nd a lot of shhitt..           Nd make his life an obvious shit.

May my words make u laugh nd yeah they really make ur life laugh on u .           The one if u fed up from life so remember the circumstances are all yours ,u can improve it or make it worse ………

Serve your life as u want not u as the life wants…

Dont try to shot u down nd quit ..                  Be quite calm nd relax ,now go revise ur life nd ask urself why r u quiting..                    Nd ull get what- a nil answer …                        

The answer wud say

Get up ,the morning is just gone , the day is left

So ,dont shot u get guys….

Let David have dollars of saying this…

Just hear him,dont listen….

Baby is ur life ,hug her and go throught it………….!!

What? Again? You fall again?

 Willing to give up? Yea Sure, Give up! The road is quite bumpy, steep turns huh? Heavy fog,  right? Can’t able to see where are you heading to? Good. Why to walk such a road where you have to walk alone? Where you fall on every turn you take. Why not turn back?
Yes, turn back, take a U turn. You have only come half way up. You can go back from where you started. But before turning back please do a little bit of thinking work. Yes I know you can do that, ATLEAST!

Remember the day when you were standing at a point where the road diverged into two? You were all fed up and frustrated and told yourself that Enough is Enough! I am going to change! It’s now or never! It’s all or nothing! And blah blah blah.. And with all those bubble motivation you took the road less taken and why? Because the intelligent folk  told you, it’s the road that would change your life! And that’s what you wanted.
You started your journey with full excitement. Feeling proud that you didn’t go with the crowd and chose the road less taken. You worked so hard. I know that. The road less taken was bumpy, with no sign boards and you use to fall and get up,  and again fall and  get up. But still you walked with full energy.

But what now? Got tired? Fed up with the falls,  that you want to turn back?
Don’t you know what will happen if you turn back? Don’t you know the time you took to come to the halfway will never come back? Don’t you remember your state of mind, your agony? Your frustration,  Before you started the journey, because you had no destination, no purpose for life? When you had no where to go. And Now when you have got the purpose and came halfway up, you are thinking to go back to the square one.

Wow! Great! Go back. Now don’t waste time standing there. You have to walk the same half way again. BUT WAIT, you idiot! Didn’t you realize something? What?

If you are ready to go backward, from the half way, on the same road, why can’t you travel the half way, in front? After all, you have to face the same road again, if you go back or front. Haha, isn’t it funny! Yea it is. But remember. Most people give up when they are about to achieve success. They don’t see the destination because of the fog and just when they are about to reach, they give up.

So now you know. Pain is temporary but quitting lasts forever. Rest you must, but don’t you quit.

Now go. Bye. I’ll see you again when you are about to fall.
Oh my, not again! Stop, stop, stop. Now please stop thinking about me. You don’t have to know who am I. You’ll realize later on.  OK fine Go Bye.

Traffic in Life: Brainache     (Understand if you have brain)

Lots of hush and rush in the traffic ….either on road or in our life..

  • An older notion hits my mind –Life is full of immense opportunities.

Ya that’s obviously true but with a big BUT!

On way to the opportunity either visible or invisible,don’t we meet a cluster of traffics,different kinds of traffics -as we define- traffic in the journey to make money, in the journey for fame, in the journey for success, in the journey for achieving something, or even in thr journey of someones love.

Sometimes these traffics also make us meet with  accidents .

Here these accidents can be redefined as the hurdles in the traffic of opportunities in ones life.

Ya..u cannot jump over a traffic on a road,because you  are not a superman obviously but you  are a Superman of your life-  because anyone who has the strongest will to make a superlife is a real superman and a superhero for others. So, you know it these hurdles that  are a little steps for a superman.
So, look the opportunity of your life with the eyes of a superman so that the hurdles become a little step for u to walk over.

  • Just what overall this traffic of life creates is, what I term is – BRAINACHE. It sounds different but quite right. When we stand in a traffic with our vehicle ,holding our heads,waiting for hours to reach for what we begun,Dont u think same happens in life when we are going through the traffic of life.
  • The fact we should learn is not to be hush and rush because it make us meet with the accidents.                        Just stay calm and keep going .
  • Life itself make us know its true meaning. What we should do is keep walking and keep going…..            And ya,  avoid Brainache guys if u can …..
  • Things do not make us learn anything ..only situations play that role always try to extract something from that situation which could make your future situations better.